A guide for Visioning and Goal setting

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My Personal Compass is a unique tool to give your life a clear direction. Whether you are looking for something new, you are in a phase of reorientation or you are at the transition to a new phase in life: My Personal Compass gives you the opportunity to review your past and take stock of your present situation so that you can imagine and plan a fulfilling future.


Content & Structure

This guide includes seven graphic templates (with easy-to-follow instructions) to help you write down, sketch, and visualize ideas and thoughts.

My Personal Compass is divided into seven steps:

Step 1 - Starting point: consider your own situation

Step 2 - Prehistory: Look back at your life

Step 3 - Time Allocation: Describe how you deal with your time

Step 4 - Inventory: Determine your areas of development (strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities)

Step 5 - Vision: Imagine your best and most attractive future

Step 6 - Choices: Set your goals

Step 7 - Action Plan: Develop your strategy for achieving your goals

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Added Value

My Personal Compass, a mixture of imagination and self-exploration, helps you to visualize your options for action in order to make decisions for the time to come. Use My Personal Compass to give your life the direction you really want.

Inspiring. Creative. Powerful. Sustainable.


  • LEARN through self-exploration
  • UNTANGLING the complexity of your current situation
  • CLARIFY your hopes and dreams
  • DETERMINE which path to take in the future
  • SET GOALS that support change
  • PLAN the next concrete steps
  • CREATE graphic maps that encourage you to go all the way



My Personal Compass can be used as a self-coaching tool anytime and anywhere. In this way it is possible to work at your own pace and within a familiar environment to start researching and fulfilling your wishes for the future.

A potential development coach from Quest-Team can provide support.




Group training offers the opportunity to look at one's own path from different angles through discussions and mutual feedback. This can result in possibilities or perspectives that might otherwise not have been taken into account.

Here, a trainer gives the participants additional methods that can enable deeper and more comprehensive insights.



Embedded in a learning event, further possibilities open up to think outside the box and to make working with My Personal Compass a shared, unforgettable experience.

The Quest-Team Expo plans and organizes events for each of the seven steps in the compass, which can be booked as a package or individually. The events are tailored to your individual needs and specifications, so that current challenges can be taken into account. A trainer from the Quest-Team will assist the group at the event as a process facilitator.

"Two paths divide in the forest, what a pity, I couldn't take both ... so I took the path on which rarely one travels, that made all the difference."

Robert Frost


Bernhard Zippert
Functional Testing

"I really enjoyed working with the compass, especially visualizing and writing down thought processes, which helped me to structure my thoughts. I have the impression that working with the compass has given me great progress in developing my personality. Abstract thinking is brought into a tangible and understandable form for me. "


Marc Tscheuschner
Managing Director and Master-Trainer
Team Management Services GmbH

"Great. I have never seen a workbook like this before. You could say that the "Personal Compass" is a workbook for researching your own wishes for the future and working on their fulfillment. But this book is more. The worksheets immediately invite you to think. You can immediately recognize that the forefather of visual facilitation was at work here: The design motivates, encourages ideas, leads to some solutions that were not so clear before. Yes, I had to first convince myself to really use the high-quality worksheets (good that many worksheets are included twice). But then, let's go! I use the compass for myself and my coaching has become even better with it. "


My Personal Compass in the new compact workbook format with fold-out pages (DIN A3)

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German edition published in cooperation with THE GROVE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL

Grove Consultants International have more than 30 years of experience in graphic work with the aim of driving creativity and productivity in organizations. The German edition was created in collaboration with Uli Schwämmle, Solstice GmbH in Switzerland, recognized for international process and organizational consulting, leadership and transition coaching, and Quest-Team GmbH and Co. KG in Germany.



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